Wall Mounted Gas Boilers. Why Give Preference to Compact Heating Units?

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When it comes to the boiler choice, many homeowners become bewildered by a pretty wide choice of offered options. It would be wrong to state that there is only one right variant, as the choice depends on many factors. If you are interested in wall mounted gas boilers, you’d better know why and when to buy them.

wall mounted gas boilers

Wall mounted gas boilers always take less space than other models and are especially designed for installation in commonly used areas (for example, a kitchen). All models are normally made of pretty light materials and are pretty compact. Their size is the primer factor that makes them a perfect choice for small living areas.

Boiler Options

Frankly speaking, the greater part of gas boilers available on today’s market are wall mounted models. In addition to a very compact size, they feature lighter heat exchangers designed from such light materials as stainless steel, aluminum, cast iron or copper.

Wall mounted gas boilers come in several popular options:

  1. Room sealed
  2. Fanned flue

Such boiler types should have a fitted system-by-pass. Why is it so important? This system is important for filtering water throughout the heating device in order to prevent a rather loud noise that practically all boilers create (the noise is referred to as kettling).

All boilers are available in a pretty huge variety of heights, depths and widths, thus enabling potential buyers to choose the best model for the area, where they want to place it in. A compact design of your heating device means that the boiler takes less floor space and less space altogether. Most units can even be fitted into closets, as they are just six inches deep. Isn’t that beneficial?

Many companies went much further in the production of wall mounted gas boilers. Today they are ready to offer units in more than one color, thus allowing matching the appliance to its future surroundings.

Easy Handling

This is one of the benefits of wall mounted gas boilers. Due to a compact size these heating units are easier to handle. Besides, they can be installed in modular unit arrangements pretty neatly, side-by-side. Sometimes the construction of the wall can hardly support the weight. In this case you can opt for steel floor standing frames. The latter feature factory built and well-tested pipe kits.

Fuel Efficiency

We all know that fuel is rather limited today, and costs a lot. While choosing wall mounted gas boilers, you can save. The usual efficiencies are of 90% and higher, meaning that more than 90% of fuel is converted into heat. Besides, most models qualify for special incentives from the Government, which are offered to those, who make their places environmentally friendly.

Are you limited on floor space? Would you like to use the square footage more efficiently? Then wall mounted gas boilers are the options you should consider first. This is a perfect way to save place, make a pretty good use of fuel and cut down expenses.