Warm Front Gas Boilers. A Government-Funded Scheme for Vulnerable Groups Support

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Warm Front has already helped thousands of people to get the needed heating improvement and make their houses and apartments warmers and more energy efficient. The fund is now available to those, who’d like to change the things for better, but have no money to achieve this.

warm front boiler grant

The grant a user gets can provide energy efficiency tips, a package of insulation together with heating improvements and two energy-efficient light bulbs. A special package of improvements the Warm Front gas boiler scheme provides is to the value of ?3,500-?6,000. The scheme is funded by the Government, so you can always trust it.

How Does the Scheme Work?

Today the country’s Government encourages its citizens to replace old and inefficient units in favor of new ones – Warm Front A-grade gas boilers that cut down bills and give off fewer CO2 emissions. The grant is normally available to people renting from private landlords and to those homeowners, who are trying to replace old heating systems they have. If you qualify, you can get money for:

  • a new boiler
  • insulation in order to make home more energy efficient
  • improvements to the heating system

Only with oil-fired units the sum can go up to ?6,000. If you’d like to find the needed grant, you should visit the website of Warm Front, read the information and guide to the heating grants available:

  • gas heating
  • loft insulation
  • glass-fronted fire
  • cavity wall insulation
  • draught-proofing
  • hot water tank insulation

In order to qualify for the grant a user should be at least one of the following benefits:

  • income-based jobseekers allowance
  • income support
  • pension credit
  • income-related employment
  • support allowance in the assessment phase

At least one of the following criteria should be fitted, as well:

  • an applicant is a pensioner
  • he/she has a child under 5 living with him/her
  • he/she claims a disability premium
  • he/she claims a child tax credit award, which also includes an element for a disabled child/ young person

Warm Front gas boilers are provided to vulnerable groups that are in fuel poverty or are at a risk of it. Such families have a pretty low income. To qualify for the grant, an applicant should own his home or rent it from a private landlord.

What if you do not qualify for a grant from Warm front, because you cannot receive the required benefit? In this case you may be eligible for a rebate of nearly ?300. Usually this kind of rebate is available to those householders, who are aged 60 or even over. They should either rent a home or apartment from a private landlord or own their own place. In any case, they should use an inoperable heating system. There are cases, when there is no heating system at all.

In any case, applying for a Warm Front gas boiler grant is worth trying. Even if you don’t qualify for a full package, you still can get a rebate and spend it on your heating system needs. Being a governmental support scheme, this grant has already helped thousands of people. Now it is your turn.