What Type of Boiler Is Best? Making the Right Choice

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There are several different types of boilers available on today’s market. They can be oil or gas, regular or combi. Regardless of the choice, all modern models are condensing and high-efficiency.

what type of boiler is best

 Normally, the size, as well as the type, of a new boiler depends on a number of factors, including:

  1. the size of the house
  2. how well it is insulated
  3. the type of fuel used


Answering the question what type of the boiler is best, it’s important to inform you that there’s no one universal answer: the boiler becomes best, if it is chosen according to one’s needs.

Condensing Boilers

These are among the most popular models available. Today there exist nearly 3 types of such boilers:

  • regular
  • system condensing
  • combination

All condensing boilers work for gas- and oil-heated homes. Regular ones heat hot water and store it in a hot water cylinder that provides hot water when required. These are optimal variants for buildings with family-sized central heating systems.

best type of boiler

Such boiler type has its advantages:
  1. multiple outlets are supplied simultaneously
  2. there is a higher hot water flow rate from the cylinder
  3. there’s minimum water pressure from the mains, which doesn’t affect the system


A regular model has all energy efficiency characteristics of other condensing boiler systems, however, it takes up more space. You can find details in condensing gas boilers reviews.

System Boilers

These are for similar sized places. Their hot water and heating components are built in. The installation process is a lot quicker and comparatively easier. The boiler heats water from the mains. This eliminates the cold water feed tank requirements, thus helps to save more space in your place. System boilers require a separate hot water storage tank in order to store the water.

Having such model at home is advantageous: hot water is available to more than a single outlet with a good flow rate. What type of boiler is best? Many people believe that the system boiler is. It is really perfect for a larger space with many water outlets. Other types cannot meet a high hot water demand, and this fact makes such system just perfect.

However, there is one possible drawback – a system boiler runs out of hot water in case it is used very quickly.

Combination Boilers

These are also referred to as combi boilers. They combine central heating with instant hot water heating in one model, taking water from the mains. So, there is no need to have a hot water cylinder and by heating up only as much water as required. As this helps to save costs, the type like this one suits small houses that have good mains pressure.

what boiler is best

Heat Only Boilers

This is another type worth your attention. An open vent (heat only) boiler is normally connected to tanks in the hot water cylinder and loft in the airing cupboard. A small tank supplies water to the radiators and the boiler. A larger water storage tanks provides cold water feed to the cylinder with hot water.

What type of boiler is best for you? Make your choice and see the benefits you can take.