Which Central Heating Boiler Is Best for Your Home?

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Among a vast number of heating technology companies Vaillant takes one of the leading places. If you are now looking for a boiler for central heating, pay attention to the boiler types, produced by this brand.

which central heating boiler is best

 Which central heating boiler is best? As for today Vaillant suggests top three best alternatives:

  • combination (combi) boilers
  • system boilers
  • open vent boilers

A combi unit produces hot water for central heating, plus hot water for showers and taps. This boiler type doesn’t require a hot water cylinder, meaning you won’t have to look for additional storage place in your house. Combination units give hot water right on demand, so there’s no need to wait for a tank to fill or get warm.

To the primer benefits of this Vaillant boiler type belong space savings, comparatively reduced water costs and much cheaper installation costs. Why?

The installation of the appliance results in much cheaper water costs, because the unit heats water only when it is required, delivering the liquid through mains. Besides, the installation process itself is also easier and simpler as there is no need to get additional tanks.

Generally speaking, you will save much money, as well as time, on the installation of your new central heating system.

Next central heating boiler type that is today regarded to be one of the best is a system boiler. Such units utilize a hot water tank, which is placed in an airing cupboard. They are regarded to be ideal for those homes that have more than a single bathroom. A system boiler can deliver the required amount of hot water to several various outlets simultaneously. Some call such units sealed system boilers, as there’s no need to have water tanks in the loft.

Today Vaillant brand also produces the ecoTEC plus system boilers. These are the most compact units perfect for any house type, including typical one bedroom/bathroom flats and four bedroom properties with several bathrooms.

which is the best central heating boiler

An Open Vent boiler is the third type of central heating units produced by Vaillant. These are high efficiency condensing appliances that can recover energy, which is normally discharged through the flue to the atmosphere.

The basic characteristic feature of an Open Vent unit is the fact it uses two tanks, which are normally installed in a loft space. Besides, it also has a hot water storage cylinder. One of the two existing tanks supplies water to the radiators. Another one releases hot liquid to the storage cylinder that feeds showers and taps of the house.

Such boiler type is considered to be perfect for many homes. Today it can be easily fitted even in older buildings. The only possible drawback is the fact this unit is quite space-hungry.

So, which central heating boiler is best? Any of these three types can be regarded perfect. Your choice must depend on the size of your house and the number of bathrooms in it. Choosing an appropriate model you’ll be able to satisfy your needs of hot water at any time of day or night.