What Are the World’s Best Gas Combi Boilers?

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Combination gas boilers are the most popular options that add extra benefits to those of standard models. Today a combi unit is a central heating boiler and a highly efficient water heater combined in one. But what brands are the most reliable today? What are the best gas combi boilers?

best gas combi boilers

Specialists state there are four top boiler manufacturers:

  • Vaillant Boilers
  • Worcester Bosch Boilers
  • Glow Worm Boilers
  • Baxi Boilers

Vaillant is regarded to as a leading intelligent systems’ supplier for domestic comfort. Its ecoTEC combi units don’t require cold water storage tank or hot water cylinder, thus minimizing the space required. The range of combi boilers from Vaillant is rather broad, ensuring you’ll make a perfect choice no matter what home type you have. The most popular models are:

  • ecoTEC exclusive 832 & 838
  • ecoTEC plus 824, 831 & 837
  • ecoTEC plus 937 (power-store combi)
  • ecoTEC pro 24 & 28

Speaking of Worcester Bosch, this is one of major hot water appliance producing companies, responsible for making only best boilers according to remarkable energy efficiency ratings as well as high quality standards. Its specialists are award winning call-out engineers and industry’s best trained professionals. Except advantages, you can also read about worcester bosch gas boilers problems.

To the list of trusted models belong:

  • Worcester Greenstar junior 24I Combi Boiler Natural Gas
  • Worcester Greenstar 25SI Combi Boiler Natural Gas
  • Worcester Greenstar 28 CDI Compact Combi Boiler
  • Worcester Greenstar 29CDI Classic Combi Boiler LPG
  • Worcester Greenstar Highflow 440CDI Floor Standing Combi Boiler LPG

Baxi combi boilers include two variants to choose from:

  1. the flagship Platinum
  2. two Duotec variants

These boilers heat water whenever a shower or a hot tap is turned on, thus removing the need to look for additional space for a tank and reducing the risk of a storage cylinder running cold. The water is fed from the main, so the pressure is much better than the one in traditional units.

best gas combi boilers

Baxi combi boilers are chosen because of their reliability, durability, convenience, easy installation process and the fact they are economical to run.

And the last, but not the least, Glow Worm combi boilers. This brand prides itself for manufacturing a very wide range of combination heating appliances, which are used in many homes, supporting the main demands of today’s lifestyle.

Glow Worm is a sister brand of the world’s leading and internationally renowned Vaillant Group. Boilers from this brand are now widely recommended by the majority of homeowners and professional installers. Vaillant and Glow Worm form the top rated combi boiler manufacturer. To the most popular Glow Worm combi units belong:

  • Combi Store Boiler – Ultracom2 35 store
  • Combi Boiler – Ultracom2 cxi
  • Combi Boiler – Ultimate c
  • Combi boiler – Flexicom cx
  • Combi Boiler – Easicom
  • Combi Boiler – Betacom2

Choosing a unit from any of these four brands, you are choosing among the best combi gas boilers available on today’s market.