General Information

Useful information about gas pressure regulators

natural gas regulator valve

What is the natural gas regulator? Natural gas regulator is a valve which is intended for cuts off the flow of a liquid or a gas at a certain pressure. Regulators are used to reduce pressure and to make it safe. Its main function is to match the flow of gas and to prevent a […]

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Line Voltage Programmable Thermostat

line voltage programmable thermostat

A thermostat is a control device that regulates the indoor temperature by switching the heating and cooling systems on and off when the temperature reaches a certain level. Modern programmable thermostats have a vast array of additional sensors and functions for better energy saving. There are a few different types of thermostats although line voltage […]

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Types of pipe fittings: attention to details

types of pipe fittings

Pipe fittings can be of three variants: fitting with special heater, compression fitting and clamping steel flanges.

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Oil filled electric baseboard heaters: general review

oil filled electric baseboard heaters

Oil filled electric baseboard heater is a metallic construction that has a container with specific mineral oil and heating body inside.

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How does a solar water heater work?

how does a solar water heater work

Solar water heater with vacuum manifold is the most effective though the most expensive type of solar heater.

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How Does a Gas Boiler Pump Work? How to Install It?

gas boiler pump scheme

Gas boiler pumps take one of the important roles in the work of the entire gas heating appliance. Their primer task is to control the amount of water fed to the unit, as well as the manner in which this amount is fed.

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