Boiler Types and Models

Triangle Tube Prestige Excellence 110: 3 Distinct Features of the Niche Industry Leader

triangle tube prestige excellence 110

Triangle Tube Prestige Excellence 110 is a model, combining the best features all in one: a heat exchanger and a tank-in-tank water heater.

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Wall Mounted Gas Boilers. Why Give Preference to Compact Heating Units?

wall mounted boilers

Wall mounted gas boilers always take less space than other models and are especially designed for installation in commonly used areas.

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Megaflow Boiler System: How to Benefit Refusing from Regular Heating Options?

megaflow boiler

Megaflow boiler systems are especially designed for utilization of pressure from water mains, thus solving a great number of different challenges users have been experiencing all the time.

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Bosch Greenstar Boilers: Leading Technology Components for Optimal Energy Efficiency

bosch greenstar boiler

Recently Bosch has opened a new range of Greenstar gas boilers that are not only highly efficient, but can also be simply set and operated.

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Electric Central Heating Boilers: Reasons to Choose Electric Units to Satisfy Your Hot Water Needs

electric central heating boilers

Electric central heating boilers are perfect both while running the central heating system and when provided lots of hot water.

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Burnham Gas Boilers: The Quality of US Heating Units for Your Home

burnham gas boiler

Burnham gas boilers have been available on the market of heating units for a quite long time, and today they are in the list of the best appliances.

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