Boiler Types and Models

Tankless Gas Boilers. Why Pay More if There’s a Chance to Save?

tankless gas boiler

Today such tankless gas boilers find applications in floor heating systems, thus replacing traditional models.

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Slant Fin Gas Boilers: The Only Name You Want Heating Your Home

Slant Fin gas boiler

Being one of the country’s leading gas boilers manufacturers, Slant Fin can present a variety of its top-rated gas boilers, which include the following series…

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What Type of Boiler Is Best? Making the Right Choice

what type of boiler is best

What type of boiler is best for you? Make your choice and see the benefits you can take.

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TOP Reasons to Choose High Efficiency Natural Gas Boiler

high efficiency natural gas boiler

According to the latest researches, a high-efficiency natural gas boiler can help to lower all heating bills up to 30%.

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New technology will allow gas boilers to think


Baxi has developed advanced technology «Think – intelligence inside”. With this newest system boilers will think!

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Free Standing Gas Boilers. Characteristics that Bring Benefits.

free standing gas boilers

Modern free standing gas boilers are made either from pressed steel or cast aluminum.

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