Gas Boiler Rebates – 2 in 1: Buy a New Unit Cutting Down Expenses and Saving the Environment!

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Who told you that saving money while buying new gas boilers is next to impossible? Gas boiler rebates for equipment purchases and installations are always possible. If you want to know more, keep reading and find out how to cut down your expenses.

gas boiler rebates

Did you know that today energy is regarded to as one of the primer grant-giving aspects? Why? This is a perfect way to reduce the impact on the environment. Providing discounts is a lot cheaper than building new power stations.

What Do Rebates Suggest?

Why not convert to efficient and clean natural gas appliances for your heating needs? If natural gas is available in your neighborhood, get a chance to cut down possible purchasing expenses. There are different types of rebates. Some offer:

  1. Discounts on street-to-house gas connection, in case a potential customer is going to use a natural gas furnace or water heater.
  2. Free installation of appliance.
  3. Regular inspections and testing of the heating units, which are going to be free of charge.

No wonder such boiler rebates are getting more popular and desired among thousands of citizens. But can everyone get them?

Requirements for Rebates

Such rebates and grants are offered to those people, who would like to by the appliance they would not usually consider. Such discounts encourage them. So, they can spend less, getting the gas boilers they really need. To start with this should be new equipment. What things don’t qualify? These are:

  • resale equipment
  • new parts in existing equipment
  • leased equipment
  • rebuilt equipment
  • rented equipment
  • equipment  won as a prize or received from insurance claims

New equipment should replace the existing natural gas appliance used for the same purposes. You cannot replace electric equipment with natural gas equipment or vise versa.

All the purchased equipment must be installed either in a multi-family dwelling of three or less units or in a single family dwelling.

High-Efficiency Gas Boiler Rebates

As a rule cash rebates are commonly available for those, who are about to buy high-efficiency natural gas boilers. Efficiency requirements sound like:

  • 95% annual fuel utilization efficiency
  • 90% annual fuel utilization efficiency

If you are about to buy a high-efficiency unit and would like to get a gas boiler rebate, the unit should meet all Energy Star standards and requirements. It must have AFUE (an Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) that equals 90% or even more. The chosen appliance should be eligible for a $500 rebate.

Speaking of residential boilers, only those with the input capacity that is < 300 MBTUH are regarded to as eligible. If the boiler is characterized by a larger input, they are not eligible.

Heating units should have an integrated or added outdoor-air reset control, unless the temperature supply doesn’t exceed 140°F.

Check what rebates are available in your area and whether you qualify. Use your chance to save!