Gas water heater with power vent. What is the difference?

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Water heaters are heat producing appliances. Hot water is not just a merit rate but an inevitable solution for your house. You have to make a choice to trade something for something.

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Why to choose?

Now you have a good solution of a problem with high electric bills. Gas water heater with power vent is what you need.

Natural gas water heater is cheaper than electric one.  However, you need to have or install a chimney in your house for ventilation.

  • Power-vented gas water heaters are to be installed at the wall without cutting the hole in the roof. They don’t rely on natural gases flow. Powered venting of gases is provided through exterior walls minimizing water entry and weather influence;
  • You need not to drill a hole in the wall as you can use double circuit pipe i.e. two connected coaxial ducts of different diameter. Outer duct provides air delivery and inner duct is for burned gases and smoke removal;
  • Power vent significantly improves the performance of gas water heater;
  • Water heater with closed burner doesn’t reduce the level of oxygen in the room. Furthermore, it doesn’t influence on the temperature in the house. It is relevant in hot season;
  • It guarantees settled water temperature and rapid response to environmental change;
  • High quality insulation completely excludes odor nuisances, fumes;
  • This is a good solution for houses where natural draft is difficult or expensive to install;
  • Water heater has several side connections ideal for multi installation;
  • Fast draining system sustains sediment elimination and prolongs service life;
  • Control protection needs no additional transformers. Thermostatic switch averts the overheating;
  • Magnesium anode is made of high quality pure metal;
  • Water heater with power vent has an additional privilege of fanning action activated with the heat and inducing air draft;
  • Thick blue cobalt ceramic insulation saves the heater from leak and increases cooling period. It can stand 1600? F;
  • Flame retarder in heating duct serves to increase heat removal period and make convection process and heat loss low;
  • Inner tank enamel is flexible enough to reflect heat deformations of the steel tank and protects it from corrosion;
  • Some models have already set combinations of pressure relief and temperature regimes so you don’t need mechanic regulations;
  • You can easily choose the water heater meeting your demand of hot water, due to wide selection of models with various volumes and power.

Don’t seek the water heater with high power. It should correspond with your needs.

gas water heater with power vent

Before installing gas water heater with power vent you should have an allowance not only of city gas authority but also of construction supervision services. If you have a flat, you need to have the permission from your neighbors.

Repair Works

Incorrect settling of pipes and fittings can cause system failure.

An average service life of water heater is from 5 to 10 years. The serial number on the bottom can show you how old your water heater is. The replacement is needed in case of corrosion or water leak.

If you have no hot water, the pilot light needs to be checked in gas heater.

The supplier of the water heater must be contacted to the high altitude panel for reliable functioning.

In case of strange noises you need to refill water tanker and scrub heating parts. Solid accumulation can be the cause of improper performance. In this way you will remove all sediments inside the tank and duct.

Water heater is to be installed around the tank and covered with metal sheet.

Water heater must be installed on the safe distance from the other hazardous objects such as burners or inflammable substances. Toxic chemicals used for water boilers should never be introduced into this system.

The installation of the water heater must be done only with special tools. Any kind of all-purpose cuttings, glues or tapes are prohibited.

Because of the specific work dealing with gas, the installation should be done by specialist to avoid errors and minimize time and materials cost.

If you have doubts in sufficient pipe or fittings connection, you can arrange an additional test with soap and water on the stitch before starting gas water heater.