How much does it cost to replace the water pump?

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In the overwhelming majority of cases, a water pump refers to an automobile engine and is what actually circulates a coolant throughout its cooling system. And therefore, the critical symptoms of water pumps’ wear or failure are considered to be the following:

  • Specific noise from a car’s engine area.
  • The engine overheating.
  • Leakage of coolants.

replace water pump

Needleless to say that failed, noisy and leaking water pumps result in further damage and cause general problems in the cooling system, first of all. With this in mind, every car owner must get into all those ins & outs of water pump replacement and its overall cost.

Water Pump’s Replacement: 5 Essentials for Comers & Goers

cost to replace water pump

  1. The water pump looks like a container, is made of either iron or aluminum and is located in engine compartment. It contains an impeller *circulating water & coolant throughout the system and *preventing its overheating. How does it work? A water pump works if turning due to the drive/timing belt or chain. If not working, the water pump won’t make the coolant circulate throughout the cooling system, which causes severe damages.
  2. Before getting your water pump replaced, the whole cooling system should be inspected all the way from A to Z from – including a radiator; hoses & fittings; fans & fan clutch (if present), etc.
  3. If the cooling system is going to be repaired – either a radiator or water pump – it is recommended to replace the thermostat, so as to prevent future issues.
  4. Most water pumps are driven a) independently through own belts or b) by serpentine belts also driving other components. Currently, the modern designs present timing belts to drive the water pumps. In the latter case, it is strongly advisable to get your water pump replaced along with a scheduled timing belt.
  5. How is it all done? Firstly, the cooling system is pressure inspected for leaks. Secondly, the water pump is removed and replaced if failed. Thirdly, it is filled with a new coolant. Fourthly, both a new radiator cap and a new thermostat are installed. Finally, the car will pass a test drive.


How Much Does It Cost to Replace the Water Pump?
Overall Picture & 5 Key Pieces of Advice

water pump replacement

The water pump is a No.1 component of each car cooling system. But the cost of its replacement depends on 2 key things: an automobile and auto repair type. Here is how to calculate the total costs and possible savings:

  • Your car’s water pump is a long-lasting cooling system element – 60,000 miles or even longer. That means its replacement won’t be your requirement for frequent maintenance.
  • The life spans of water pumps & timing belts are somewhat similar, while their position is quite close. That is why it is recommended to perform replacement of these components in conjunction with each other.  If done separately, the labor will cost more money in contrast to overlapping labor. In addition, why not change the belts, hoses & many more in a cooling system? This is always a good idea and a little extra while changing your water pump.
  • The new water pump price will vary according to the type of an automobile. Generally, you’d expect it ranging $400-$900 for replacement in Honda and BMW, the former and the latter figures respectively. Most quotes depend on a particular car.
  • Here are your typical costs: a) hiring & paying a mechanic for his labor – $100-$400 (depending on the car, degree of complexity & execution time); b) buying a water pump & other components – $50-$200+ (they can fit your own vehicle for a reasonable price from some online/local auto part retailer).
  • A professional mechanic and the competing offer for the repair in your area are your next basic concerns. Which one to choose: dealerships, their technicians & factory parts, charging more, or some independent repair shops, their pros & aftermarket parts, charging less? If you want to make your water pump & any additional costs down, just let good mechanics compete for you! More so, you may count upon discounts on repairs, starting from 10%.

README: Water pump replacement is best to be trusted to professionals, who can boast advanced automotive service experience! So, a replacement cost estimate depends on* labor cost, *car model/make/other nuances, *auto-repair location, and many more on individual basis – totally $150 to $750+.