New Yorker boiler review (part 2)

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First part of New Yorker boiler review you can find here.

The New Yorker boilers are known for being very durable and affordable at the same time. The brand product line features steel or cast iron boilers, indirect fired water heaters and a full range accessory. The boilers are being directly marketed through the wholesale dealers to plumbers, heating contractors, builders and other utilities. They are being distributed to consumers being the best option for the family use. Burnham, the company that owns the brand, is one of the leading hot water boiler manufacturers.

It is not that hard to review and recommend the New Yorker boiler as the brand is famous for credible performance, great quality and humble pricing. It is a hands down winner when it comes to hot water boilers.


Your boiler will serve you for many years with no cracks or leaking, some customers have had their boilers for 20 years not bothering to replace them. Of course you could install the boiler yourself but it is better to find a professional that will install it for you. He can make sure there will be no leaking or poor fitting and you will avoid possible headaches. In the long run your boiler will be well worth the money as new models tend to be more energy efficient than their predecessors. You should change your New Yorker when you feel like it, not when the boiler lets you down.

All boilers come with a lifetime limited warranty meaning that all you need is to have an annual maintenance check to make sure there will be no issues with your boiler. The lifespan is so long you could be using the boiler for 20 years. Every unit meets the ESME boil and pressure vessel code to guarantee the top quality and safe operation.

Available Options

You can go for a lighter steel version or more traditional cast iron, gas or oil. The modern boiler AFUE is up to 87.5 %, meaning that the annual utilization efficiency is so good you will definitely get the value for money. Plus the heating capacities range from 31 to 244 MBH so there is a boiler to satisfy every consumer whether it is used for the small studio or block of flats. No matter whether you are after a steam or a water boiler, there is one just for you.

There are a few main lines, for example cast iron gas CG-D water series boilers have intermittent ignition system, top quality insulated jacket and cast iron connectors for better durability. They come in 9 sizes 31 to 244 MBH to perfectly fit your needs. The similar cast iron gas CGS-C steam series comes in 6 sizes offering the 57 to 201 MBH capacities.

new yorker boiler cgs

The steel oil FR series comes with the Flame Retention Beckett Burner to insure better combustion, the possibility to add a hot water coil or an indirect domestic water heater to satisfy greater needs for domestic hot water and is also available in six sizes. LINK SL indirect water heater series is irreplaceable for houses and premises with greater hot water needs. It comes in five sizes to satisfy all the customer needs.

new yorker boiler review

Advantages of New Yorker boiler

All cast iron New Yorker boilers no matter whether they run on gas or oil maximize the heat transfer for better energy efficiency helping you save money and being very effective and efficient in the long run. The boilers are immune to the additive petroleum chemicals such as anti-freeze etc meaning that you will not have to deal with deteriorated rubber seals. It is a great advantage as other competitors on the market cannot save you from the possible deterioration headache.

Every boiler is completely packaged for installing which will save you time and money during installation. The LINK SL indirect water heater can be easily lined up with the boiler and piping utilizing the boiler heat and power capacity to have a higher recovery rate.

Do you now feel like your boiler is not efficient enough? And if you are still not convinced be certain your contractor can tell you a few things about New Yorker boilers so you can make sure the brand is very loyal to the customers providing them with the best value possible.