Point of use tankless water heater

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A tankless water heater is energy-saving water heating system. It’s designed without reservoir for water storage. The aim of such design is providing hot water in appropriate time. In comparison with tank water heater which heat and re-heat water, tankless water heater uses gas or electric heat exchanger and supply you with a hot water only when you need it. This water heating system is very simple and convenient in use.

What for do you need tankless water heater?

point of use tankless water heater

First of all if there is a schedule for bathing time in your family and you are tired of it, water tankless heater is the best solution of your problem. And if you have a small bathroom, tankless water heater will perfectly suit for it. It takes less space because it doesn’t have tanker for water. It’s worth mentioning that it has very light weight and it’s portable. So you can get hot water any time and almost everywhere in your house. It’s a well-established fact that it saves your energy. If you have tank water heater installed in your house than you know that the heating system heat and re-heat water in the tank all the time. It’s very harmful for your health to use water which was stored in a tank because rust and scale are formed inside of it. Tankless water heater doesn’t have such tanker for water storage. That’s why it’s designed for prolonged use. So, you will have clean and fresh hot water whenever you want. Besides there is another advantage it prevents greenhouse gas emissions.

How to choose an appropriate tankless water heater for your house?

tankless water heater

As I have already mentioned this kind of water heater has a lot of advantages. That’s why you should pay for the quality, it’s rather expensive pleasure. Tankless water heater can be gas or electric. If you want to buy electric you should know such specifications as: voltage, presence of circuit breaker and amperage. Also you should take into account that you should choose only that electric water heater which fits existing electricity installation in your house. It’s more difficult to install gas water heater. So, my advice for you if you don’t have necessary skills for installation of this appliance, hire a professional to do that. Also, you should take into account size and functions. You have such choice of different types: single point, whole house and multi point. It’s the best option for providing hot water to your shower. But it can be used only for a one appliance in your house. Multi point type will be useful if you need large amount of water for 3 or more appliances. If you need adequate amount of water for all appliances in your house you should better choose whole house type. But if you decided to buy this type, don’t forget to install additional water heater appliance. Bear in mind choose only that type of tankless water heater which is suitable for your needs.

Which brand to choose?

tankless water heater brand

There is variety of brands of tankless water heater: Bosch, Noritz, AO Smith, Navien, Rinnai and so on. If you want a heater which is convenient in use, Rinnai is excellent option. Bosch tankless water heater is very durable and recommended for the best small-unit models. AO Smith is famous by its gas heaters. Noritz the best choice for single point, whole house and multi unit types of tankless water heaters. You should always remember before purchasing:

  • Find out the appropriate model and capacity;
  • Determine how much water would you need on daily basis;
  • Read the manual before use;
  • Choose the type of tankless water heater which coincides with your needs;

Prices on tankless water heaters and its installation

The prices range from 1500$ to 4000$. The price of installation depends on table of rates of your plumber.