Sime Gas Boilers: Valuing Your Climate

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If you’re looking for an environmentally-friendly and energy-saving home heating system, then you may consider gas boilers to be the best market-available option. And if you’re looking for an efficient and dependable gas boiler, be sure that Sime Gas Boilers are exactly what you need. Eco-friendly, highly-efficient, convenient, cost-effective – everything you need in order to satisfy your particular customer’s needs.

sime gas boilers

Sime Gas Boilers: A Company with 40 Years of Experience

For over 40 years, Sime has been manufacturing the most advanced and innovative hot water and heating solutions, thus guaranteeing its customers both hot water and heating comfort. Its product range includes high power wall hung boilers, high power steel boilers, floor standing boilers, modular systems, gas-fired & oil-fired boilers, etc., designed according to modern and advanced standards in order to suit every customer’s particular needs, like plenty of hot water on demand or full control over the temperature of your house.

Continuous investment in research, development and manufacturing of domestic boilers, renewable technologies and hot water cylinders has made Sime one of the most popular home heating systems manufacturer, thus satisfying its customers’ needs in over three million homes worldwide. Besides, taking into account the company’s environmental targets and objectives to comply with all pertinent environmental legislation, Sime is also manufacturing a new range of energy-efficient commercial boilers to suit buildings with greater hot water and heat needs, thus minimizing at the same time the production of emissions and waste.

Sime Gas Boilers: Reputation We Forged, Quality You Need!

With a proven reputation for quality, efficiency, performance and reliability, Sime offers you a full range of reliable, wear resistant and easy to maintain Sime Gas Boilers for any application, thus providing you total choice and flexibility.

  • Dewy HE FS: high-efficient and environmentally-friendly condensing gas boiler that reduces the polluting emissions, exploits only part of the energy contained in the fuel by transforming it into heat, the rest being lost through the fuel and later recovered in order to achieve more efficient fuel energy use.
  • RX: it’s a floor standing cast iron gas boiler equipped with the circulating pump, expansion tank and safety valve, 7 open flue models (output – from 22 to 60,7 kW) and 1 room sealed fanned flue model (output – 31 kW).
  • RMG Mk. II: it’s an open flue cast iron boiler model equipped with an electronic ignition, reversible water and gas connections and two steps combustion system that reduces harmful gases emission into the environment.
  • RS Mk. II: it’s an open flue cast iron boiler model equipped with an electronic ignition, multi-functions climate regulator, outdoor regulation sensor, reversible water and gas connections and two steps combustion system.