Triangle Tube Prestige Excellence 110: 3 Distinct Features of the Niche Industry Leader

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What’s actually needed for today’s home comfort and tomorrow’s green environment excellence? Speaking of space & water heating, these are efficiency, ingenuity & versatility – 3 distinct features that have made the Triangle Tube™ brand a niche industry leader.

triangle tube prestige excellence 110

What Is the Nature of Triangle Tube™? 5 Fundamentals

triangle tube

  • Triangle Tube™ is proud to offer almost a 70-year history of making smart condensing boilers & indirect water heaters. Since 1946, the Company has been the 1st manufacturer to use and get the most of stainless steel in production.
  • Triangle Tube™ is regarded a premier seller in the niche industry due to high-grade, energy efficient (up to 95%) and environmentally friendly (low NOx emissions) boilers.
  • Triangle Tube™ is available in various series: each one custom made for every imaginable heating application. In addition, you may manage a separate hot water zone and enjoy a domestic system if pairing your own boiler with a water heater. Today’s product line includes: *Prestige™ Condensing Boilers, **Prestige™ & Challenger™ Combination Boilers, ***Smart™ & Maxi-Flo™ Indirect Water & Pool Heaters.
  • Triangle Tube™ allows saving money on household heating needs, by providing the homeowners with the heat they need at the price they can afford.
  • Triangle Tube™ is your shopping with confidence, as it’s one of the 1st combination boilers in 1 highly efficient, revolutionized appliance.

Prestige Excellence Series: 10 Distinct Features of the Boiling Industry Leader

triangle tube prestige

Energy efficiency starts at your boiler. This is the key reason why Triangle Tube™ produces condensing, modulating & high efficiency boilers – Energy Star listed & 95% AFUE rated. They operate on propane/natural gas and are available in absolutely every size you can think of.

The Prestige family covers the models rated at 60 or 110, 175, 250 or 399 KBTU input, meeting various heat load requirements. Triangle Tube™ Prestige Excellence 110 is a model, combining the best features all in one = a heat exchanger + a tank-in-tank water heater:

  1. Factory installed 14-gallon tank for indirect water heating within a boiler unit, completely wrapped in insulation.
  2. 439 stainless steel heat exchanger with a domestic hot water priority.
  3. 95% AFUE rate.
  4. A burner modulating 25-100% of rated output for proper heating needs.
  5. 3 gallons of hot water per minute.
  6. A digital display module.
  7. Multiple controls (Trimax™).
  8. High temperature protection.
  9. Standard outdoor reset.
  10. Self-cleaning/descaling.


With this in mind, Triangle Tube™ Prestige Excellence 110 can boast of:

*immediate hot water response for both typical needs & smaller demands;

*space heating capacity of 110 MBH that’s perfect for 3-4 bedroom homes;

*top energy efficiency & bottom energy costs;

*minimized routine service;

*the most reliable, advanced & easy-to-use technology of today – ultra high performance space & water heating all in one;

*unique tanked water heater experience without troublesome effects;

*simplifying life & freeing up more space due to no need in duplicate heat sources;

*innovative, exclusive, built-in ‘tank-in-tank’ + vertical ‘fire-tube’ designs that differentiate the series from its competition.

prestige excellence 110

Discover all the benefits & advantages of Triangle Tube™ Prestige Excellence 110:

  • Abundant hot water
  • Industry highest water content
  • Constant efficiency
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Fully Modulating
  • Quiet operation
  • Competitive resistance to corrosion & chloride cracking
  • Less sensitivity to water flow
  • Low pressure drop
  • 439 grade stainless steel
  • Stable temperature control
  • Control panel & digital display
  • No combustion residue
  • Direct vent
  • Ideal for compact zones (those without short cycling)

Try a truly winning combination and choose your own priority!

PLEASE NOTE: It is strongly recommended to trust the installation of all Triangle Tube™ Boilers to licensed pros only. Their products weigh much and thus, may require a lift gate use at your delivery.