Government Warm Front Boilers Discounts – Grants and Schemes

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A well-known government’s Warm Front boilers scheme ensures grants for heating improvements all over the country to make homes of many citizens healthier, warmer and more energy efficient.

Basically, grants are especially created for the improvement of insulation in one’s home. The project provides people on income-related benefits with assistance to improve the efficiency of their property. This scheme is now available to tenants and homeowners, who rent property from private landlords. Those, who qualify for the so-called grants can receive nearly ?3,500 for a new boiler model, insulation and heating upgrades to their homes.

warm front boilers

The greatest benefit is the fact there’s no need to pay cash towards the improvements, unless the required cost is greater than the grant itself. However, this all is established in the course of an application process.

What Improvements to Expect?

The Warm Front boilers scheme is funded by the government. Today it is administered by the energy group Carillion Energy Services and is limited to those householders, who are living in England. In case the application is successful, an applicant receives a visit of a Warm Front surveyor, who is going to discuss the options one can take in order to make the house more energy efficient.

Even if the surveyor finds out that the energy efficiency threshold of the applicant’s home is above the one required by the scheme, the applicant is still eligible for a vast number of other sources of help.

When you own/rent your home from a private landlord, you are eligible for a grant, which equals about ?3,500. The possible improvements that are available according to the scheme include:

  • electric, gas, LPG and oil heating
  • loft insulation
  • glass-fronted fire
  • hot water tank insulation
  • draught-proofing
  • cavity wall insulation

Are You Eligible?

Such schemes are now available to those people, who own/rent homes from private landlords. One could be eligible for it, IF he/she:

  • is pregnant
  • receives an income, tax, housing-related or disability benefit
  • is aged 60 or even over
  • has a child under 16 years old

One may qualify for this scheme even when he’s not yet receiving any sorts of benefits at present. While applying, a check is going to be done in order to see, whether one is eligible for the grant and accompanying benefits.

4 Steps of the Scheme

They are:

  1. application
  2. technical survey
  3. installation work
  4. inspection


You can apply by post, over the telephone or online. When the application is successful, an engineer will visit your place and suggest possible improvements that can be made under the scheme.

Trained installers will make all the discussed improvements. The insulation work will last for 3 months, and the heating work – for 6 months. A team of professionals will check whether the installer carries out the work according to the high standards that are set. In addition, the team may contact an applicant for carrying out the quality assessment of the work.