Worcester Greenstar 28i Junior: A Great Combi Boiler

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The popular combi boiler Worcester Greenstar 28i Junior is an entry level model from one of the world’s leading boiler producers – Worchester Bosch. It is fairly compact and allows great degree of flexibility when it comes to finding an installation location. Note, it’s not the most powerful model around, as it’s primarily intended for apartments and houses with just one bathroom, where its output is more than sufficient.

This gas-powered appliance offers significant cost savings compared to older models. First, it is more efficient, which reduces your gas and water bills by an estimated 15-20%. Second, it’s cheaper to service, as its maintenance costs are 30% less on average than those of the older models. As often is the case, this boiler can be complemented with a broad range of optional heating controls for even better performance.

worcester greenstar 28i junior


Worcester Greenstar 28i Junior is essentially built around the same green technology that is used in some of the modern vehicle powertrains. Hot exhaust gases coming from the combustion chamber are recycled and re-used repeatedly which significantly increases boiler efficiency. This additional heat from exhaust gases reduces the amount of natural gas needed to boil water. As a result, your utility costs go down, and greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere are reduced.

It’s hard to find any disadvantages of this boiler: it’s compact, highly efficient, economical, and environmentally friendly. It offers modest output, but then again that is just what’s usually necessary at places with a single bathroom. The key features of this model are summarized below:

  • Top efficiency rating (A rating) by SEDBUK
  • Fast heating capability – rapid hot water heating
  • 28kW domestic hot water output (DHW)
  • Compact size – needs very little space to mount
  • Multi-directional – can be sited at various locations, which offers great flexibility
  • Neat – features a wall-mounting frame with vertical pipework routing. Pipes are easy to hide without distracting observer’s view
  • Environmentally friendly – lower greenhouse gas emissions (mostly nitrogen oxides and carbon dioxide)
  • Optional central heating temperature control
  • Enabled for both mechanical and digital controls

If you’ve still got an old combi boiler that is eating you money year after year, investing into an adequate replacement unit is highly recommended. Several independent estimations say more efficient models can save you 250-300 pounds a year, meaning your investment will break even in just three years’ time.

If you think it’s time to switch to a more sustainable unit, you will hardly find a better option than Worcester Greenstar 28i Junior. It is a perfect solution for many people’s hot water needs. Efficient and cost-effective operation, environmental friendliness, and great flexibility make this combi boiler a perfect fit to virtually any single bathroom apartment or property.